How Coaching Really Works

image credit: Karine Galland

Coaches help those who help themselves

I don’t imply that coaches are Gods, obviously not, most of us are really down-to-earth creatures 😉 But some coachees tend to forget that they need to work hard to achieve whatever they want to achieve. They are expecting the magic to happen right after hiring a coach.

Unfortunately, unlike a chiropractor or an acupuncturist, a coach is not going to “fix” anything in a couple of sessions. The coach is actually not going to fix anything at all, but he/she is going to be by your side while you’re working on your goal.

You’ll be provided with a careful ear, tips to move forward, accountability, and great support in any circumstances. But YOU will lose the extra weight, increase the family income, clean the house, start a new business or find love. Thanks to your efforts and your consistency.

A balance of reflection and action

A coach is a thinking partner, at least, that’s how I see my job. I help clients reframe, rephrase and think out loud. I help them go beyond their own thinking patterns. That does not mean they change their mind, they just have a new perspective that allows them to make decisions.

Any coachee comes with a desire for some change in their life. And changes are a matter of decisions. Making the decision to stop doing something, or to initiate a new phase, to create a new habit, or let go of a belief…

So, how does that work? Through actions!

Without taking actions related to your goals, you are unlikely to succeed. Wishing is not enough. That’s why after a phase of reflection, I nudge my coachees to implement the first step as soon as possible. They then give it a try, see what works for them or not, and adjust. We go back and forth between their thoughts and their experiments, their mind and their body, their inner life, and the outside world.

Is coaching worth the money?

I get that question a lot, probably because most people interested in coaching are into self-development; they want to be better persons and contribute more. They often tend to be reluctant to invest money in themselves because “it’s selfish or superficial”. Until they realize that putting self-care first is actually doing everyone else a favor. The world needs healthy and happy people more than anything.

Hiring a coach for the first time is scary because you don’t know what the outcome is going to be, and you don’t even know what the journey is going to be like. It might sound too expensive and quite a risky investment, but it’s really not; it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

A coachee once told me “You helped me turn the light on, I knew there was a switch…somewhere, I just couldn’t find it before!… That’s priceless!

You can check out more testimonials on my website:

Coaches aren’t therapists or gurus, but they can be a great help to anyone who is ready to step up and move forward with their lives, take action, and responsibility for their future.



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